Thursday, September 20, 2018

Painting Art Painting Collocation Plus Display Tips

Painting Art Painting Collocation Plus Display Tips
1, dining room

In the restaurant with a relaxed, elegant and soft painting, will provide you a nice supper mood. No matter along with wood table or modern glass table, it can create a fresh plus pleasurable atmosphere. Restaurant artwork, size control in the 70x80cm or so more appropriate

2, Study
Study with artwork, to a sizable extent may be the family room with a painting action. First of almost all, for the reason that study space is usually generally relatively small, and we should grasp the selection within the ruler, after the particular Congress resulted in a solid sense of pressure, as well small not only towards the art and painting alone brought limitations, In the particular collection of tone should also be soft on the particular basis of cold colour system, in order in order to create a "quiet" atmosphere. There should be a strong sense of structure and a sense associated with extensibility in the structure from the composition. While improving the sense of space within the study, it also helps to recover the particular fatigue of the eye.

3, bedroom
The bed room is the private website of the master, therefore don't stick to the subject of oil artwork, the only main concept is to create the comfortable, easeful and intimate atmosphere. If you may have a particular concept, recommend human and hot tonal landscape themes, traditional or classical impressions of style. The best position associated with the bedroom hanging artwork is the bedside, the sized chooses 90cm × 135cm, especially emphasizes the application of double nail suspension to make sure safety. The bedroom painting pays attention to the overall coordination and part of the consumption of contrast via visual contrast to emphasize the decorative effect.

4, On either aspect of the long hallway or staircase, there are usually fine art paintings dangling on both sides, along with soft lights on the particular lights and classical melodies, creating an art photo gallery......

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