Monday, October 22, 2018

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The relationship between decorative painting language and life
Decorative painting is an independent art category, with its unique expression and concept.As an art form, decorative painting has appeared as early as the primitive times, and the early human art works such as the original cave

paintings, rock paintings and patterns on vessels are enough to indicate the awakening of human aesthetic consciousness and the pursuit of beauty.Nowadays, decorative art has occupied a quite important position in the field of art, and

has become more than an independent category of art.It has been applied widely in the social life.
Decorative painting is one of the art forms closest to life.It is different from the general painting, is through various decorative special means to create, to achieve a particular decorative aesthetic.It is a unique form of painting influenced by patterns, or a kind of marginal art between paintings and patterns.In modern times, decorative painting has formed an independent type of painting.It USES unique artistic expression language and technique to reflect people's life ideal and convey people's aesthetic emotion. On the basis of inheriting the tradition, it guides and edifies people's mind with modern thinking and concepts and has its unique value of appreciation.

Modern decorative painting is a specific art form influenced by modern painting and modern design concept and practice.The pattern's unique visual language combined with color's collocation makes this trend and the expression form of fast food art infiltrate into all walks of life.It is made in a variety of ways with a certain degree of technical nature.It can not only use natural materials, but also use the technique of science and technology to make it have a visual effect beyond the two-dimensional, which is the embodiment of the combination of science and art.Through the analysis of the visual language of modern decorative painting art, people can understand the content of the work and the embodiment of the creator in the aspects of concept, emotion, psychology and technology.3. Variety of decorative paintings

Since its appearance, decorative painting has existed in our life in a unique art form. It is a manifestation of popular aesthetic language.This language is constantly changing with the changes of The Times, which tells the different

lives of different people in different times.
The pursuit of popularity and individuality leads to more and more diversified expression of decorative painting, followed by the improvement of decorative painting production technology.Decorative painting is no longer just a static

existence, began to develop dynamically slowly.As the materials for making became more and more abundant, the technological nature of the craft was strengthened, and decorative painting began to enter the era of scientific language.The

combination of electronic technology and materials has been fully developed and integrated in this period. This kind of decorative painting with high-tech color has higher plasticity and ductility both in the aspect of theme expression

and its own decorative function.

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