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Botticelli-Large Canvas Art For Sale

Large Canvas Art For Sale-Sandro botticelli was a famous painter in Florence in the late fifteenth century.
Influenced by the Ned portraiture,Large Canvas Art botticelli was a pioneer of Italian portraiture.

Born in 1445, porticelli studied with Marceau phineguera to make gold and silver jewelry,Black and White Abstract Canvas Art and later became a pupil of philippe

lippi, who in return had raised his son philippe noor.
Botticelli was often hired by Medici and their friends.
These connections with politics and culture make his subject matter very extensive.
In 1481, botticelli was invited to paint frescoes in Rome, the only time he left Florence to paint.
Botticelli is said to have followed the "shavanola" style from the 1590s,Modern Canvas Art|Modern Wall Art as reflected in his later religious paintings, which were
less decorative and more religious.

In the 1580s and 1590s, bocelli was the most famous artist in Florence.
By the 19th century, his style was heavily promoted and regarded as a prelude to rafael.Sandro Botticelli was born Alessandro Filipepi on March 1, 1445, and died on May 17, 1510.ABSTRACT PAINTING EXTRA LARGE PAINTING CANVAS

He was the last painter of the early Florentine school of European Renaissance.
Botticelli was born into a middle-class family in Florence, Italy, and was nicknamed "botticelli", meaning "bucket".
He was first sent by his father, a leather-working craftsman, as an apprentice to a gold and silver workshop. But he followed his own wishes and sent him to the studio of Philip libby to learn painting.
Libby inherited the hand method of the late gothic, and his grasp of three-dimensional things, expression of the facial expressions of fine characters and attention to details had a profound impact on botticelli's later painting style.
In addition, the borajello brothers' sculptures also had an impact on botticelli.
He went on to learn from verrocchio, and a classmate seven years his junior was called leonardo Da Vinci.
He opened his own studio in 1470 and was soon appreciated by the Medici family, ordering large quantities of paintings.
Good relations with the powerful Medici family also gave the painter political protection and favorable painting conditions.
In addition, through this relationship, botticelli was able to get in touch with the elite of Florentine society and literary and art circles, acquire knowledge of various aspects, broaden his horizon, and make a fine, magnificent, colorful and colorful aristocratic mark for his art.

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