Monday, May 25, 2020

Diy wall art tips

The most obvious way to make paintings cohesive is to play on similar themes, like line work, abstract spots, or anything else. But cohesion is actually more than the subject of large abstract painting. "Color plays an important role in cohesion." Some colors are a match made in heaven, while others will change the entire mood, and even make it deviate from what you're going for.

You can use websites such as Pinterest or Adobe Color to get inspiration from the available color palettes. Once you have a color palette, ensuring that these colors are evenly distributed throughout the gallery will create balance and harmony.

Choose a paint color that runs through the entire gallery wall, whether it's one in the background, another emphasizes details in the other or another frame color.

Friday, April 24, 2020

Modern bathroom art ideas

 bathroom wall art

Art Belongs in the Bathroom
Art not only has a place in the living room or bedroom. A well-decorated bathroom often has artworks that go with its decor style. Adding bathroom wall art canvas can create a sense of thoughtfulness and beauty, transforming the bathroom from a purely functional space to somewhere you look forward to spending time.
 canvas art set

Use soft artworks for a cozy feel
This bathroom corner of Habitually Chic uses all available wall space to display many types of artwork: framed pictures, hanging plates, and even some metal products. To make the appearance look like this, choose a theme or at least one style to make the artwork cohesive. In this case, the architectural art in soft pencil drawings brings a cozy look. The symmetrical arrangement reflects the nature of the building itself. For example, the tower drawing hangs above the two low, long buildings.
 black wall art for bathroom

Don't be afraid of dark colors
This dark bathroom from House of Honey has four related hot air balloon paintings. Coupled with animal rugs and suitcases, they give the space a fantastic travel theme. Because the background is black, the pale paintings pop. Black wall art for bathroom can be difficult to pull off in a bathroom because the space usually isn't that large. But with good lighting and proper decor, dark colors can become something truly special.
white abstract wall art

Maintain a cohesive style
This bright white bathroom by Monika Hibbs keeps all objects (including artworks) in the same color palette and style. The theme is coastal, but modern art black and white are suitable for the rest of the minimalist bathroom. The painted art is even thoughtfully placed above the towel hook to maintain a clean and simple look. And a rug with just a touch of color gives some warmth to space.
 figure painting abstract
Choose a focal point
This bathroom by House of Hawkes uses a portrait as a focal point to making the otherwise simple white room more interesting. The portrait placed on the side of the tub instantly caught the eye and brought a sense of movement to space. If you want to make your bathroom minimal, then a single but substantial artwork is the best choice. It does not clutter the space, and you can display things that have a special meaning or simply fits your style.

Create a Gallery Wall
The off-white walls, the vanity on the interesting table-turned-vanity, vintage paintings, and pictures of different men all give people a unique impression of the gentleman's bathroom. The placement of artwork is mostly symmetrical and arranged in columns. But the slight crookedness of some of the frames on the gallery wall maintains the vintage, lived-in vibe of the space.
Hang wallpaper
This gorgeous bathroom designed uses black and white paintings covered with floral wall art for a retro and relaxing feel. Although the painted art itself is an artwork, it matches well with vintage pictures of similar tones. Keeping all content the same color scheme helps prevent the look from becoming too busy. Flowers and glasses give a welcome pop of color.

Embrace the minimalist look
Lovers of graphic art can use a more minimalist style to highlight their taste. The concrete floor and white marble tiles provide a neutral backdrop. What attracts people's attention is the eccentric black and white art. Positioning makes space look more spontaneous and gives it a life that is often lacking in minimalist design. And the choice of an understated, small piece of canvas art set lets you appreciate the whole effect rather than focus on a single frame.

Fashion an eclectic escape
The Victorian-style bathroom sits somewhere between the featured art and a gallery.  Seven pictures—colorful cityscapes and flowers—were carefully chosen to feel compatible but eclectic. This strategic "thrown together" energy is a hallmark of good Parisian design. In addition, the frame is not completely suspended vertically, giving the space a spontaneous feel. The aqua abstract wall art color helps bring out the details of the artwork.

Thursday, March 26, 2020

The Proper Choices Can Improve Your Home Decor

Our home is the most beloved part of our lives. How to choose the decoration depends on ourselves. The decoration of the house reflects the personality of the individual and the residents of the house. When decorating your home, the styles and design outlines you can follow are almost limitless. You can easily choose a mix of styles to create something different and unique. From modern to traditional, you can easily find various iterations of a single product with multiple styles. Minor changes in attributes such as color, material, or size can change the entire design outline. Renovating your home is not easy, you will encounter many problems, such as product selection or other problems. If you find the right place and set it up, anything can become a decorative item.

Styles are available but are mainly divided into 3 types: modern, traditional and industrial. They can be blended as easily as transition elements, blending modern elements with traditional elements. The nautical decoration gives a slippery look but uses a modern design. From modern times, it has white shadows and very delicate lines and shapes with almost no appearance. Turning to tradition, it retains its earlier appearance with antique and worn finishes and intricate wood carving details to make them look more authentic. The farmhouse style is also very popular in other farmhouses and uses many rural pastures. It combines stone walls to make the rural style more sturdy and sturdy, and mostly uses natural lighting. The decoration you choose for your house can be the deciding factor and can easily elevate the look of a boring and bland space into a chic and elegant space. For small decorative items, you can choose abstract artwork, wall clocks, vases, lamps, etc., all of which are the same as other themes. Mashups can lead to disastrous looks. Each element is very effective in enhancing the appearance of the space and transforming it into a more attractive and attractive space.

Finding the right product is no easy task, because the choice of products is unlimited, and the right choice can go a long way. Check out the various Large Canvas Art For Living Room from, we will find the works that are best for you, and help you buy home decoration paintings online.